About Me


About Deya

Deya Jacob is the founder, owner, and baker for Bliss Street Baked Goods (and also, the marketing department, customer service rep, and delivery girl). After getting a degree in American Literature and Culture and spending almost 8 years in the world of academic publishing, she realized that her true love was baking and that what she really wanted was her own business where she could bake delicious treats, chat with customers about what their needs were for their special events, and become the go-to baker for delicious treats in Ventura County. 

Deya believes that when you order a treat for a special event, it should really be special! She doesn't believe in baking sugar bombs, where all you taste is sweet. Her Lebanese heritage influences her baking, so she likes to mix in spices, nuts, and fruit so that the end result is a balanced treat that is fun to eat and also, interesting and unique!